Indo Board Balance Training for Surfing

We love training with the Indo Board balance trainer. We use it almost daily. In training, it makes a great warm up, and it offers many unique balance challenges when included as part of a full-on workout. In this Surf Stronger Fit Tip we work on training your balance reactions with the Indo Board ball toss.


Grab a workout partner and stand 10 to 15 feet apart. One person (the rider) balances on the Indo Board, while the other person (the thrower) holds two lightweight medicine balls. We use 3-pound balls, but feel free to use tennis balls or whatever you have handy.

Indo Board Balance Training Drill for Surfingt


The thrower begins by tossing one ball to the rider's right side. The rider catches the ball with his right hand, exchanges to his left hand and tosses the ball back. As soon as the rider catches the first ball, the thrower tosses the second ball. Again, the rider catches the ball, exchanges hands and tosses the ball back to the thrower. Try to get into a smooth, flowing rhythm, but move as quickly as possible. When done correctly, the balls are in the air at the same time, and the team resembles a two-person horizontal juggling act. Complete 20 cycles; then reverse directions, catching with the left hand and throwing with the right for 20 more cycles.


This drill can be done with one or two Indo Boards. We prefer using one board, allowing one partner to work while the other focuses on tossing the balls, keeping the momentum going, and counting the reps. Once one person completes the drill in each direction, trade spots. Remember to keep your knees slightly bent, your torso upright, and your core braced. If training on the sand, we suggest using the Indo flow cushion instead of the roller.


Once you are comfortable with accurate ball placement, the thrower can add a challenge by tossing the balls a little higher, lower, or wider. This forces the rider to be more dynamic and focused.

If you don't have an Indo board, you can order one from our store.

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Have fun, see you in the water.

Coach Scott
Scott Adams, CSCS, CES

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