Serena Brooke

Australian-born Serena Brooke is a two-time runner-up World Champion and one of the fittest women in the sport. A veteran professioinal surfer for over 12 years, Brooke has consistently been a top-20 surfer in the world. In 2007, Brooke teamed up with Surf Stronger to help create Surf Stronger--Core Training.

At the center of her professional surfing career is a focus on health and fitness. "The thing that motivates me to keep training and pushing myself to be the best I can be fitness-wise ... Well obviously there's the part of being a professional athlete. But also it's an all encompassing thing ... if you feel good about yourself, and you look good and you're fit, that carries over into your personal life and your confidence and how you feel about yourself as a person."

"To me, even if I wasn't a professional surfer I'd want to be at this fitness level just for myself for everyday life. The best part about life is being healthy. There' s nothing else that's more important than your fitness and being healthy because that determines your whole outlook and perspective on life. If you are feeling good and fit and healthy, the sun's shining for you and you feel good about life."

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