Surf Stronger, The Surfer's Workout (Vol. 1)

"Well worth it!" -Surfing Magazine, 2007

Get the top-selling surfer's workout and take your surfing to the next level. Surf Stronger, The Surfer's Workout is a total body, surf-specific cross training workout. The 45-minute session includes a dynamic warm up, the main workout, and a cool-down stretch. The video will teach you movements that look and feel like surfing while focusing on building power flexibility and core strength. Available on DVD and as a digital download.

Surf Stronger, The Surfer's Workout (Vol. 2)

"Maximize your time in the water with time spent out of the water" -TransWorldSURF Magazine, 2008

The follow-up video to our first video, Surf Stronger, Core Training will take you step-by-step through a training program to build strength, stability and endurance in your core. Coach Scott Adams, CSCS and veteran pro surfer, Serena Brooke, teamed up to design this challengin and inspiring workout. Available on DVD and as digital downloads.

Surf Stronger TRX Workout Video

Get the brand new Surf Stronger TRX Workout download

Summer is here and the leaders in surf fitness have created a surf specific TRX workout that will get you beach body ready with some classic surfer moves demonstrated by Pro Surfer, Holly Beck.