Surf Stronger Media Reviews

In just a few short months since it was released, the SURF STRONGER DVD has received some great reviews! Check out the reviews and visit the publication's web sites for more info!

Tracks Magazine: Hottest New Products list.

SURFING: "...Well worth it!"

TRANSWORLD SURF: "The DVD guides you through a multilevel workout with exercises that target key surf muscles and simulate waveriding movements... Most serious athletes cross train to protect against injuries and to push their performance to the next level. Why should surfing be any different."

Eastern Surf Magazine: "Coupled with a mellow background soundtrack, SURF STRONGER, offers surfers a low-impact workout that can benefit anyone, from the jacked-up manual laborer to the skinny surf shop worker. Most importantly, Adams doesn't preach his training regimen; he simply demonstrates the advantages of being in shape and prepared for the ocean's power. In that sense, his subtlety provides the motivation and inspiration necessary to make his workout a part of any surfer's regular routine."

SURFER Magazine: "Adams recommends these pre-surf routines to specifically target the surfing muscles. We highly recommend you try them."

Blue Edge Magazine: "The 45 minute DVD is a very professional well-done non-cheesy and easy to follow routine...The beauty of this workout, is the marriage between rehabilitative and restorative movements with the more physically demanding ones."

"The moves were really nice for my overworked back muscles and knees and I must say, I really did feel great before I even stepped one toe in the water. As surfers and fitness people, my friends and I had to admit that anyone--surfer or no-could gain something from the video."

Squeeze OC: "The best thing about "Surf Stronger" is that while it will help surfers in key areas, many of the exercises here can be used by almost anyone, since core strength is so important in any sport and really essential in true fitness."

COOLER Magazine: "The Surfer's Workout is an instructional DVD, providing a motivating workout that is easy to follow and is targeted directly at improving your surfing fitness....Surf Stronger will make for the hottest gift for any surfer this Christmas - especially if they're not near the waves."

Santa Barbara Surfing: "We think the Surf Stronger DVD will teach you some simple stretches you can do to prevent injury as well as a slew of strengthening exercises to build up your core muscles you use during surfing... It's a good gig. Even if you are one that thinks video workouts are a little too reminensecnt of Jazzercise, you'd benefit by watching this a few times and memorizing the key workouts you find help your surfing."

LAT 34: "The new workout DVD from Scott Adams and the Surf Stronger team will help any surfer get their bad self beach-ready with 45 minutes of flexibility, power, and core strength training, and might just help out on the mountain or at the skate park while you wait for the winds to change."