Surf Stronger Advisory Board

The Surf Stronger Advisory Board is comprised of top surfers, environmentalists, doctors, trainers, business people and musicians. The Board was formed to create a group filled with experts that can be called on for advice and input in building this new school business venture.

We are pleased to announce the Surf Stronger Advisory Board.

Tim Bluhm

California native, lifelong outdoorsman and surfer, Tim Bluhm, has long been a champion of the California coast and the California lifestyle. As lead singer and guitarist for the Mother Hips, Bluhm has toured the world and awed thousands of music fans with his music that has become known as "California soul." A prodigious songwriter and musician, he has recorded a dozen albums with his band and as a solo artist, and has played with the likes of Jackie Greene, ALO and countless others. He continues to travel like a nomad, preferably performing at venues within close striking distance of a quality surf spot.

Bluhm contributed original music for the Surf Stronger-The Surfer's Workout DVD, and engineered and recorded an original score of music for Surf Stronger Volume II. In addition, he has contributed to other soundtracks including Chasing The Lotus and The Far Shore.

When he's not touring or laboring in the studio, Bluhm can be found styling a single fin in the waves of Ocean Beach in San Francisco or telemarking the slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Serena Brooke

Australian surfer, Serena Brooke, is a veteran of the women's professional surfing tour and is known as one of the fittest women in surfing. Not only does she posses world-class surf talent, she has become a role model in the sport by way of her positive attitude, spirit, and charitable efforts.

Serena founded The Serena Brooke Foundation to help fund issues she's most passionate about. The Foundation focuses on child abuse prevention and providing shelter and resources for women and children in need. The Foundation raises money for those in need and brings children out to the beach to enjoy the positive aspects of surfing, fitness and beach culture.

"I want to make a positive impact on some of the kids that are in difficult situations. Maybe it's something small, but it makes a difference. It's a win-win situation. People get to have a good time and learn how to surf. Everyone who takes part is contributing toward a good cause."

Dr. Richard Chalker, MD

Dr. Chalker is Pulmonary and Intensive Care Medicine physician with an interest in exercise physiology who has worked at the prestigious Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Stanford Hospital for over 14 years. Dr. Chalker grew up by the ocean in Western Australia and has long enjoyed a variety of water sports. A self-admitted exercise aficionado, he has competed in many triathlons and open-water swimming events. He is a strong supporter of core-centered training regimens to improve performance and reduce injuries and he employs them in his own life/training.

Prior to moving to the SF bay area in 1992, he obtained BS and Masters Degrees with Honors in Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado, graduated with Honors from CU Medical School and went on to complete his training at Boston University Hospital and Boston City Hospital. Currently he Heads the Pulmonary Department at the Palo Alto Medical Clinic and is very involved in diagnosing and treating a variety of respiratory problems, including exercise induced asthma and assessing fitness to SCUBA dive.

Dr. John Cooper, MD

Dr. Cooper is a lover of the ocean, coastal life and the study of human physiology. He is a former SCUBA Instructor and Dive Master and has dived the reefs of Northern California for over 30 years.

Dr. Cooper has practiced medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 25 years. He is currently Medical Director at the Surgecenter of Palo Alto, part of the prestigious Palo Alto Medical Foundation. He is a graduate of Stanford University and the Univerrsity of California at San Diego, School of Medicine.

In addition to his medical practice, he been a private consultant in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine for the past 20 years. His clients have included the Monterey Bay Aquarium, Hopkins Marine Station of Stanford University, The Pacific Grove Ocean Rescue, The Monterey Bay Aquarium Reseach Institute and Bay Area Hyperbarics. He is a regional consultant with the Divers Alert Network and a volunteer consultant for Accessible Events.Org introducing SCUBA dving to individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Clayton Austin Everline, M.D.

Dr. Everline, a Sports Medicine Specialist and C.S.C.S, (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) is as passionate about medecine and wellness as he is about surfing!

His surfing career began at twelve years old, at Windansea Beach in La Jolla. Upon moving to Texas at fourteen, surfing was briefly supplanted by rock climbing the Central Texas Limestone and cycling in Austin, along the same hills that Lance Armstrong trained on. He returned to surfing during college at U.C. Berkeley where he enjoyed the chilly Nor Cal waters surfing between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. After college, Dr. Everline left for the island of Saba as a Divemaster for PADI on deep pinnacle dives and Hyperbaric chamber operations in addition to basic medical science studies until 2001.

Dr. Everline is also an active member of The Surfrider Foundation and SurfAid (winner of the Swim 4 Life Relay as well as a founder of SurfAid analogue Dominican Outreach Initiative- Waves of Health).

Paul Frediani

Paul is a Medical Exercise Specialist, ACE and ACSM certified personal trainer, fitness coach and author. He authored the popular SURF FLEX book and many other books on health and wellness. Paul began his path in fitness at the early age of 12, surfing the chilly waters off the Northern California coast. He later exchanged his surfboard for a pair of boxing gloves and became the San Francisco golden gloves and the pacific coast diamond belt light heavyweight boxing champion.

Paul's philosophy on fitness is "simplicity, diligence, focus and fun." Check out for more on Paul and his areas of expertise.

James Hernandez, MPT

Jim is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and holds a Masters Degree in Physical Therapy from Samuel Merritt College. He completed a post-professional residency program through Kaiser Permanente in manual and manipulative therapy. He has practiced physical therapy for over 10 years and has extensive training in therapeutic exercise.

Jim is a lifelong surfer, swimmer, and central California charger. When he's not working with his patients, Jim can be found surfing between Santa Cruz and San Francisco, diving for abalone on the North Coast or traveling abroad in search of the perfect wave.

Hunter Joslin

Indo Board founder and President, Hunter Joslin, has always been fascinated with and passionate about balance. A surfer for over 40 years, Hunter began surfing in the 60's.

Surfing led him to embrace skateboarding as a means to stay in shape for the next swell, and he became well entrenched in the "Dogtown Era" of the sport and formed the Sims East Coast Skateboard Team. All the while he continued to create and redefine the balance board as a means to cross-train for surfing and skating.

Hunter's keen interest in the dynamics of balance led to a fervent study of the concept of proprioception, biomechanics, and functional mobility training. Today he has emerged as a qualified, passionate coach of balance training and advocate of core fitness, earning him such descriptives as the "Balance Sensei" and the "Balance Whisperer", or simply "Indo MAN".

Keith Krach

After earning his degree in industrial engineering from Purdue as a General Motors Scholar and an MBA from Harvard University as a GM Fellow, Keith Krach worked at GM where he became the youngest-ever vice president at the age of 26.

After 10 years with GM, Krach headed out to Silicon Valley to join the founding team of Rasna Corporation. Krach helped lead Rasna to be recognized as #3 on the Inc. 100 list of Fastest-Growing Companies and was sold in 1995 to Parametric Technologies for $500 million.

Krach co-founded Ariba in 1996, serving as CEO and Chairman of the Board for 7 years. During his tenure as CEO, Krach took Ariba public, ultimately achieving a market capitalization of $34 billion.

In honor of his accomplishments in e-business, Ernst & Young named Krach the 2000 National Entrepreneur of the Year, the same year in which he was honored at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with the Technology Pioneer Award.

Keith Krach is currently the Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Purdue University, Chairman of the Board at DocuSign Corp and is also CEO of 3Points, Inc., an investment holding company.

Guy Miller, MD, PhD

Guy Miller, MD, PhD, is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edison Pharmaceuticals. He holds a clinical faculty appointment at Stanford University School of Medicine/PAVAMC, in medical-surgical critical care and is an Adjunct Professor, University of North Carolina, School of Public Health. Prior to Edison, he founded Galileo Pharmaceuticals, and was its Chairman and CEO from 1995-2005. Dr. Miller completed a surgical internship at the University of Chicago and residency and fellowship in anesthesiology & critical care medicine at Johns Hopkins, where he was an Assistant Professor until 1995.

David R. Olan, Esq.

David R. Olan is the founder and President of the Olan Law Corporation, which specializes in civil litigation, and has represented numerous victims of accidents, insurance bad faith and copyright infringement. He is passionate about law, surfing, the environment and fitness.

In 1989 David graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law after receiving honors from the Moot court and presiding over the International Law Society. David also served as an intern for the California Coastal Commission.

An avid outdoors man and surfer, David is also the founder of the Association of Surfing Lawyers, which fosters good will, balance, camaraderie and networking among lawyers. David is a passionate environmentalist and is on the Executive Committee and Legal Issues Team for the Surfrider Foundation (Malibu Chapter).

Bill Rosenblatt

Bill has been a Surfrider Foundation chapter activist for almost 20 years. He was a co-founder of the Jersey Shore Surfrider Chapter serving on its' board and as chairman. Bill was elected to municipal government in 1996 and was the Mayor of Loch Arbour, NJ from 1998 - 2006. He has worked closely with Federal and State legislators, National Park Service officials, Cabinet level department heads, and Governors on coastal and ocean issues. In 2006 Bill was recognized with the "Ocean and Coastal Leadership Award" from the Urban Coastal Institute of Monmouth University. "Dr. Bill" was given the "Kahuna of the Year Award" by Surfer's Environmental Alliance in 2004 for his extensive work educating and lobbying public officials on the economic and recreational importance of preserving and protecting surf spots. He was instrumental in the victory that saved the wave at the Cove at Sandy Hook. Most recently, in 2007, he was named "Enviro Hero" receiving an ESeMMY award from Eastern Surf Magazine.

A psychologist by training, Bill holds a Masters degree from Rutgers, a Doctorate from Lehigh University, and has completed Clinical Training in Behavioral Medicine from the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard. Presently in private practice he has been Director of Behavioral Medicine at a number of NJ medical centers and been on the faculty of Rutgers and Monmouth Universities.

A native of NJ, Bill is an all around waterman. He has surfed on both US coasts, in Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Central America, and the Caribbean. He is passionate about getting in the water and most days he can be found somewhere riding anything from a 5'9" fish to a 12' paddleboard. Bill's ambition is to become a paid "soul surfer" traveling the world, influencing policy, and working to preserve and protect the world's oceans, beaches, and waves.

Mark Wan

Mark is a founding Partner of Three Arch Partners. He started in venture capital in 1987 with Brentwood Associates where he became a General Partner. Mark has emphasized working with entrepreneurs in very early stage companies. He has often assumed temporary operating responsibility, managing key functions during a company's young life. He has served on the boards of many private and public medical companies.

Mark has a BS in Engineering and a BA in Economics from Yale University. He graduated summa cum laude and was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Mark also has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Mark was born in Southern California and grew up with a love and respect for the ocean. A collegiate water polo player, Mark has extensive experience in training, open water swimming, surfing, sailing and is one of the fittest guys we know. He is also quite a philanthropist, sitting on the board of trustees of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and board of directors for the Peninsula Open Space Trust.