Surf Stronger Volume 2 - Core Training with Serena Brooke

Equipment Needed

Fitness ball and yoga mat. For ball size recommendations click here.

Workout Overview

Pre-Surf Warm Up - 7 mins.
Warming up properly is one of the best ways to improve your surfing. Our specialized approach takes you through a series of movements to prepare you to stick your first drop.

Main Core Workout - 28 mins.
A challenging routine for the core that looks and feels like surfing. 12 surf-specific excercises that build strength, stability, and endurance in your core. Three program levels allow you to fine tune your training pace. The main workout concludes with a post-surf stretching routine to keep your muscles loose.

Quick Core - 10 mins.
Inspired by traditional strength and conditioning movements, yoga, and Pilates, the Quick Core workout is a fast-paced, time-efficient routine that you can do anywhere.

Original Music by:
ALO, Culver City Dub Collective, The Court & Spark, The Mother Hips, Vinyl and introducing The Surf Stronger House Band (featuring Steven Adams, Tim Bluhm, Jackie Greene, Dan Lebowitz, and Adam Topol). Rondo Brothers


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