Surf Stronger Volume 1 - The Surfer's Workout

Equipment Needed

Fitness ball, yoga mat, and two pairs of dumbbells. For ball size and dumbell recommendations click here.

Workout Overview

Pre-Surf Warm Up - 8 mins.
Improve your surfing in less than 10 minutes! By warming up properly, your body will be ready to rip on your first wave. 10 easy-to-learn movements to do before you paddle out.

Main Workout - 22 mins.
A real-time, follow-along workout consisting of 16 excerises that look and feel like surfing. Strengthen your upper body, your core, and your lower body all in one workout. Two levels allow you to choose your training pace.

Cool Down Stretch - 15 mins.
A combination of yoga and stretching on the ball. This section helps develop total body flexibility. Emphasis is splaced on the shoulders, back and hips, where surfers have the tightest muscles. This segment also serves as an excellent way to recover after a long day in the water.

Original Music by:
Mermen, ALO, DJ Logic, Culver City Dub Collective, Rondo Brothers Tim Bluhm, Hamsa Lila, Matt Butler, The Court & Spark, Shitones, Sensations, Glider, Billy Midnight, and Vinyl.


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