Golden Coast Productions, Inc. Announces Release of New Training Video, Surf Stronger(TM)--Core Training with Serena Brooke

(La Selva, CA) May 12, 2008. Golden Coast Productions, Inc. Announces Release of New Training Video, Surf Stronger(TM)--Core Training with Serena Brooke.

"We are excited to release our second video, Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke. This video is awesome for surfers who want to improve their surf fitness. This straight-forward, easy-to-follow program requires just one piece of equipment: an exercise ball. It is a well-designed workout to compliment your regular surfing routine or any other workout program," said Golden Coast Productions, Inc. President Todd Walsh.

"I'm really stoked to work with the Surf Stronger team and help create this video. I have trained my whole life and core training has been key to my fitness and my surfing," said veteran pro surfer Serena Brooke. "Surfers are now realizing the benefit of core training and this video workout is the perfect core training tool for surfers."

"Just as surfing performance has evolved, so has surf-specific training. With new and specialized training methods, we can now create workouts that translate to better in-the-water performance. Our training videos reflect this evolution," says Surf Stronger Program Director Scott Adams, CSCS.

Video includes:

  • Pre-surf warm up routine that focuses on building dynamic flexibility with surf-specific movements. Perfect before you work out and before you surf. (7 minutes.)
  • Main core workout. Functional movements for the core that look and feel like surfing. Build stability, strength, and endurance in your core. (28 minutes.)
  • Quick core workout. A fast-paced, time-efficient workout that you can do anywhere. (10 minutes.)
  • Original soundtrack by the Surf Stronger House Band (Featuring Steve Adams, Tim Bluhm, Jackie Greene, Dan Lebowitz, and Adam Topol) plus music by The Mother Hips, Matt Butler, The Court & Spark, and Vinyl.
  • DVD extras.

The DVD packaging is printed on 100% recycled materials. At just $29.95, this is one of the best values in surfing.

About Surf Stronger:
Lifelong surfers and conditioning experts Scott Adams, CSCS and Todd Walsh co-created the first-of-its-kind workout program, Surf Stronger(TM)--The Surfer's Workout. The workout focuses on what surfers need most: improving flexibility, power, and core strength. Surf Stronger--Core Training with Serena Brooke is the second full length workout video in the Surf Stronger series.

Adams has trained professionally for over 10 years, holds a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology, and is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS). A lifelong environmentalist, Walsh brings his background in competitive swimming, extreme endurance competition, and extensive surfing background to help co-create the Surf Stronger training programs. Surf Stronger DVD covers are made with post-consumer recycled paper, and one percent of net revenue is donated to environmental causes through 1% For The Planet. Surf Stronger videos are designed, produced, and made in California.

About Serena Brooke:
Australian surfer Serena Brooke is a veteran of the women's professional surfing tour and is known as one of the fittest women in surfing. A professional surfer for over twelve years, she's twice been runner-up World Champion. Her positive attitude, spirit, and thirst for adventure make her one of the most popular identities in the sport of professional surfing. Between the professional tour, world travel, and free surfing, she has also found time to create The Serena Brooke Foundation, which raises money for those in need and brings children out to the beach to enjoy the positive aspects of surfing, fitness, and beach culture.

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