El Nino is Here. Are You Ready?

El Nino is here, and the NPAC has already begun churning up some great ground swells, and snow is falling in the Western states. In Southern California, we’ve had a good run of early fall swell and the water is still warm. We’ve also started to get some rain, though nothing heavy so far. While we likely won’t see the full effects of this El Nino until December, January time frame, now is the time to get prepared for surfing bigger waves and skiing steeper slopes. While no two El Ninos are alike, forecasters are calling for what may be an epic El Nino. Just how much snow it will produce is up for debate. Experts seem to agree that we will see a lot of moisture and rain, and with a little luck, also a lot of snow. We’ve put together a few tips for getting the most out of El Nino:

  1. Stay on top of weather forecasts. We like Open Snow for accurate and easy-to-digest weather and snow updates. Sign up for their e-mails and be informed on the best time to hit the slopes. For surf conditions and swell forecasts, we dig Solspot. Their accurate and entertaining surf forecasts will keep you in the know.  Another great surf forecast tool is to look at the buoy reports from NOAA. Click on the buoy closest to your break and drill down into conditions and forecasts.
  2. Tune up your gear. Surf and snow is coming, so make sure your gear is tuned up, or get the right gear. Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect. Repair and tune those step-up boards, wax up those skis and be ready. Score a warm, (or gently used) wetsuit or parka and be ready to get into the elements.
  3. Get surf and ski fit. It’s a proven fact that better fitness equals better surfing & skiing. If you are already on a program, you can step up the intensity now, to enjoy the heart of the season (December – March). If your fitness program needs a tune up, get started now. Surf Stronger or Ski Stronger video workouts will get you going in no time, and the programs have never been so affordable. Shop our store today to get a DVD or download and get to it!

Stay health, and we’ll see you in the water (and on the mountain),

The Surf Stronger Crew

Going for it on the Central Coast. (Photo: Nelly)

2015/16 is off to a good start. Let's hope it continues! (Photo: Squaw Valley/Alpine)

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