Five Healthy Habits Every Surfer Needs

Scott Adams, CSCS, CES
Program Director, Surf Stronger

Surf Stronger’s top five healthy habits to optimize your health. These tips will help keep you in the water now, for that next swell, and hopefully for years to come.

5 Habits of Healthy Surfers Main Image

(All photos: Walsh & Power. © Golden Coast Productions, 2014)

1. Eat Right
Eat fresh, plant-based foods at each meal. It’s the plants that deliver the micro-nutrients our bodies need to work at optimal function. Choose a variety of fruit and vegetable sources with
lots of color, every day. In addition, reduce or eliminate processed foods and meals that are strictly meat-focused. Try using meat as seasoning rather than the main course. Focus on these dietary changes and you may see an increase in your energy, and excess weight could very well drop off.

2. Recover
Often overlooked, but extremely important is recovery. Experts agree that seven to eight hours of sleep each night is optimal for the average adult. Your day time energy will go up and you will recover quicker from training with a good night’s rest. Also, get rid of muscle tension. Massage and foam rolling are good choices to help loosen up tight spots. Eat well and rehydrate after workouts and surf sessions. If your body is aching or fatigued, listen to it and make it a light training day. Once recovered, you will bounce back noticeably stronger.

3. Be Consistent
Strive to do something active every day. If you can’t get in the water for a surf session, you should be training. You will feel better for that next swell. And you need not get a complete workout every day. Walk the dog, go for a skate, stretch out, chase your kids around the park. Fifteen to twenty minutes of some activity is better than no activity. Chances are that once you start a workout or activity, you will be motivated to do more. Check out this previous Surf Stronger Fit Tip for a quick and efficient thirty minute workout.

4. Warm up
Take just ten minutes before your surf session to get your heart rate up, mobilize key joints, and activate major muscle groups. Move in patterns that simulate paddling and wave-riding. It’s amazing how much better that first wave will feel if you do this. This one is easy. Just follow this short Surf Stronger dynamic warm up video we created.

5. Get Coaching
In terms of training and getting in shape for surfing, find your weaknesses and improve upon them. Hire a trainer or educate yourself. Adopt the mindset that you can always learn more. Listen to sources you respect and be wary of quick fixes. Most results take time and require you to change something you are currently doing. You will find that the more you know the better you can prepare and succeed.

Stay healthy, see you in the water,
Coach Scott

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