Spring Training – Surf Workout Tips for Spring

This week Spring really hit the California coast — south swell hit too, but with it wind and an onshore flow! And while some parts of California were firing (San Diego and Santa Cruz), I found myself stuck in between with less than ideal conditions. Too much time behind the computer, and too little time in the great outdoors had me pining for a bust out workout by Friday afternoon. With swell in the water, but less-than-stellar conditions, I opted for a  20/20/20 workout: 20 minute run with my dog, 20 minute TRX, 20 minute surf. The run, though not surf-specific, is good for cardiovascular training (and a great way to get my dog out for some exercise). The TRX workout included many of the exercises from the Surf Stronger TRX workout, and the twenty minute surf would be in trunks and a top (the water’s about 60 degrees right now). Sometimes an hour workout can be monotonous; the great thing about this workout is that each segment is only 20 minutes — so you can get through each part knowing it isn’t very long, yet still get in a solid hour of activity. I gotta admit the surf sesh was way more paddling than surfing (as is usually the case), but I’m glad I got out there. The water felt great, and I never even got cold. We recommend mixing up your Surf Stronger workouts this Spring — throw in some skating, running, swimming, or surfing — and see how it goes.

Single leg reverse lunge - awesome for building leg strength and balance for surfing.

Sprinter jumps -- great for building lower body strength.

60 degree water doesn't feel too bad after a little workout.

Far more paddling than surfing, as is usually the case.

"You can't always get what you want ..."

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